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Apply for EUR 1 Certificate

The European Union has concluded free trade agreements with a number of countries and groups of countries. This may result in a discount or exemption from import duties on reciprocal import of goods. You can use a EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificate as proof of this. The EUR1 is a movement certificate for which you must claim a preferential right when transporting goods between the EU and the countries on the list of agreements.

Is EUR 1 Certificate Request Mandatory?

No, the use of an EUR.1 certificate is not mandatory. Many customers have an interest in it, because it brings a financial benefit. In some cases, however, there is little difference between the general and preferential rates, so it is hardly worthwhile to apply for a EUR.1 certificate.

How to Apply for a EUR 1 Certificate?

You can request a EUR.1 certificate from AH Customs. For import, your supplier must receive a EUR1 certificate of the shipment from customs. You must submit a burden of proof with your EUR1 application. These are supporting documents. These supported documents differ depending on your situation. Do you buy the products from third parties or do you make the products yourself? Machines, growers and cars, for example, need other documents. Can't see the wood for the trees? Request your EUR.1 certificate now.

Choose Your Application Method

Apply Self Digital

You can request export documents digitally. You can manage the issuing process yourself or leave it (partly) to third parties. If you want to manage the delivery process yourself, you can use the software of various suppliers to gain direct access to the Chamber of Commerce application Digital Deposit Export Documents (DAE). You can also leave the delivery process to a logistics service provider or forwarder. The services they offer differ per company.

Digital Request Via Forwarding Agent

You may already be using a logistics service provider or forwarding agent for certain import and export documents. These companies can also support you in digitally requesting export documents. The service can differ per forwarder and also depends on your wishes.

What Options Does AH Customs Offer For A EUR 1 Certificate Application

Option 1: You send all documents to AH Customs. AH Customs takes care of the complete application, prints the certificate and sends it to you.

Option 2: Complete the document of origin: an AH Customs specialist checks whether the application is correct, takes care of the data communication with the Chamber of Commerce, prints the certificate and sends it to you.

Option 3: Create your own CvO: AH Customs only takes care of data communication with the Chamber of Commerce, print the certificate and send it to you.


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